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Every detail and amenity at The McFarland Inn exists for your enjoyment and relaxation. No stone is left un-turned to see that your stay is as comfortable as possible.
• The home has two main sitting areas, the living room and the guest lounge. There is a guest refrigerator in the lounge that is stocked with complimentary water, soft drinks, and other assorted non-alcoholic beverages. Guests can store anything they want in this refrigerator, including alcoholic beverages. Next to the refrigerator is a snack bar with all kinds of complimentary goodies. Coffee and tea are available in the lounge all day.
• Guests have access to a microwave oven. Some guests like to bring lunch or dinner in house. You will find glassware, plates, napkins and utensils in the lounge for this purpose.
• A computer work station is located in the guest lounge. Free wireless internet access is available throughout the home, including in each guest room.
• Each guest room has a smart TV with DVD player. A movie library is located in the guest lounge. Guests can take movies back to their room or watch them in the lounge.
• Guests have access to our complimentary bicycles. This is a perfect way to experience the neighborhood and beautiful downtown Coeur d' Alene.
• Please click on the accommodations link to read about all the wonderful guest room amenities!