Silverwood Theme Park

Silverwood Theme Park first opened on June 20, 1988. Over the years, Silverwood has grown in both size and popularity.  It is the largest theme park in the Pacific Northwest featuring more than 70 rides, slides, shows and attractions, with the inclusion of four roller coasters, several on-site restaurants, Boulder Beach Water park, and so much more.

Comic characters, Garfield and Odie, are the official mascots of the park. Silverwood's season runs May through September, then in October the park transforms into Scarywood for the spooky Halloween season. Scarywood includes haunted attractions, "scare zones", and festive fun for the enjoyment of all visitors.

Boulder Beach Water Park

Boulder Beach Water Park is the perfect place to cool off on a warm, sunny day. It features family fun raft rides, waterslides, wave pools, toddler sprinklers, an incredibly long lazy river, and two massive wave pools. 

Also including Riptide Racer, a 400 foot-long slide standing nearly 60 feet tall. The racing water slides have six side-by-side racing lanes just for our competitive racers.


Scarywood is a nighttime fright fest that lasts through the whole month of October and is full of haunting attractions and roaming monsters. Experience 5 haunted attractions, 7 scare zones and most of Silverwood's rides in the dark. 

The main attractions of Scarywood include the Blood Bayou, an indoor haunted attraction; Planet Zombie, another outdoor haunt; several scare zones and other walk throughs as well as the Timber Terror.


Silverwood is an amazing theme park! My favorite part about it is that it has activities for all ages. I go to Silverwood every year, and this year we went to the water park side and had a blast! I love all of the rides and shows. It is so fun and the food and attractions are great! I definitely recommend this theme park for all ages!
Silverwood Thene Park Review. Skyy T, Trip Advisor
We have decided to make Silverwood an annual family trip because it is so much fun! There are rides for every age and size, carnival games, interactive shows, train rides, and all of the delicious carnival type foods you could want at a reasonable price. The water park is also super fun with the long lazy river, kids enormous splash pad, TWO wave pools, and awesome waterslides! We went at the beginning of June and the weather was great this year and the lines were minimal. It made the whole experience that much better.
Family Fun Vacation. nurseappel, Trip Advisor
Great theme and water park! Reasonably priced entrance fee includes both amusement park and water park and you don't get gouged at the food stands either. Not at all what I expected. Well kept park - very clean, organized and professional. We were there in August and the lines were so doable... longest line was for bumper boats and we maybe waited 20 minutes. Great kids rides (smaller versions of adult rides). Even the carnival games were reasonably priced and kids were able to be successful at most games. Truly a great park - can't wait to return. We had a 3 day pass and that was just right for our family.
So Much Fun... without draining your budget. Apearsa, Trip Advisor
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